What is your analysis goal?

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What is your analysis goal?

Types of analytics projects

Descriptive Analysis

What happened and why did it happen?

Predictive Analysis

What could happen in the future?

Prescriptive Analysis

How should we respond to potential future events?
Descriptive & Diagnostic Analytics

Track KPIs to assess current state of business.

  • Analyse historical data to assess and measure marketing and sales campaigns' effectiveness.
  • Analyse financial data to generate obligatory financial reporting at end of fiscal close.
Predictive Analytics

Analyse trends for future outcomes.

  • Track marketing and sales campaigns in real-time to make pro-active, personalised recommendations and offers.
  • Obtain real-time metrics and financial performance to support timely decision making and to empower forecasting.
Prescriptive Analytics

Generate recommendations

Seek to determine the best solution or outcome amongst various choices, given the known parameters:
  • Analyse potential decisions, and the interaction between decisions.
  • Understand the influences that bear upon these decisions.
  • The bearing all ov the above has on an outcome to ultimately prescribe an optimal cause of action in real-time.
What's involved?

The Process

Data Acquisition

Where is your data and how do we access it?

Data Analysis

What information do you have and what can it tell us?

Data Visualisation

How do we present insights to decision makers?
Extracting data

Collate ALL data sources for a more concise picture of your business

Break down data silos and combine data from multiple sources in order to convert it into a consistent format to load into a single repositry.
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