Business Intelligence & Data Visualisation with

Microsoft Power BI

We build Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation Solutions.

  Discover your business story through data.

Why data visualisation?

Because we process visual information significantly faster than text and numbers.
Summarising data using visualisation tools enables quick, accurate access to patterns and trends that are simply not seen in numbers alone.

Customer Segmentation

  • Customer journey analysis
  • Most profitable customers
  • Season trends & forecasting

Connecting Data Sources

  • Spreadsheets and documents
  • CRM & Finance Systems
  • Marketing & Social Analytics

Predictive Analytics

  • Customer Churn Prediction
  • Product Recommendation Systems
  • Natural Launguage Processing
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Working with us

Our process



3-5 days
On-site interviews and research focused on current state and identifying high value targets for your business.



5-10 days
Working with your data, we produce dashboards that showcase the benefits of quick, accurate access to insights.


Delivery Sprint

8 weeks
In 8 week cycles, we plan and execute a staged approach to rolling out analytic capabilities.
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