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Legal Technology Partners

Thomson Reuters - Elite & High Q

Industry best practice

Maximise your investment.

Get it right the first time.
DataChef leads with experience gained from 20+ years of legal technology projects and legal business process design. We have expertise across the Thomson Reuters Elite product suite and other legal technology platforms. We are a versatile, cross-functional team that provides strategic, business and technical capabilities.
People, process and technology

Build your business around best practice processes and effecient system design.

Your business processes are executed by your people and are supported by your technology. With industry experience across these key areas, we leverage digital and traditional methods to conduct process reviews and make data-driven recommendations for improvement.

We also build and deliver technical solutions. See our development capabilities.
Customising your system

We offer an improved, unified development experience.

The DataChef team has development and customisation experience across 3E, 3E MatterSphere and High Q platforms.

With industry experience across legal people (roles), processes and legal technology, we aim to provide future-proof outcomes by looking at your solution holistically and improving design along the way.
Working with your data

Data done better.

From legacy data migration, data quality, data remediation through to reporting and analytics, we delivery quality outcomes for our clients.

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