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In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) a generated timesheet will register and calculate capacity versus usage easily and organically. This is quite neat and many appreciate this because of its simplicity.

Unfortunately, there are some inbuilt constraints to submitting time in standard BC that do limit the scenarios for when it is useful. For example, only time sheet administrators can create time sheets and the unit of measure is hardcoded to be hours. There are several reasons for these constraints, but the result is the same for many; the standard functionality does not align with their practice and they must look for alternative ways of submitting time.

At DataChef we have introduced several amazing enhancements to submitting time in BC with our extensions MatterX and ProjectX

A great enhancement is the ability to assign a unit of measure to a time sheet line. For example, you can set it to be minutes while keeping the base unit of measure as hours. The latter is used for capacity planning and statistics. This means that you can set the capacity of a user to 8 hours per day. The user might submit 90 minutes of work and then looking at these statistics you will see usage of 1.5 hours for a capacity of 8 hours.

Another enhancement is that users other than time sheet administrators can create time sheets, and this directly from their role centre or even Microsoft Teams as all our enhancements work in our Outlook add-in and integrations with other Microsoft products.

These enhancements, and many others, make submitting time in BC more aligned with how you want it to be. Reach out if you would like to hear about BC and how we at DataChef can enhance your BC experience.

Thanks, and stay safe!

Kind regards,

Rodrigo Puelma Gutierrez  

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January 18, 2021
Rodrigo Puelma Gutierrez
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