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Exploring capabilities of Power Apps and Business Central integration

Power Apps is Microsoft’s low-code, no-code app development platform that enables non-developer business users to create business-centric applications for web, tablet, and phone interfaces.  Under the hood, it is supported by Microsoft’s cloud database, Dataverse (formerly known as Common Data Service or CDS), to support easy data storage and management in a secure and scalable environment. It includes hundreds of connectors to different applications and also allows connecting to your existing business applications and on-prem SQL Server databases.

Business Central integration

Dynamics 365 Business Central’s connectivity with Power Apps allows users to extend it’s capabilities to facilitate endless complex business use-cases.  Imagine, as users of Business Central, a scenario in which you need to quickly build an app for an event, conference or customer services that uses data from your business applications.  Power Platform provides a feature packed low-code app building experience using Power App builder that presents drag and drop interface to build screen and data connectivity.  

Introducing the citizen developer

Empowering your business users to create software assets like this could be a game changer for organisations that rely on specialist developer skillsets and their specialist hourly rates.  Secure and compliant with data loss prevention policies, Power Apps can be designed, built and deployed rapidly with confidence.  As stated earlier, connectors to many applications and services are available but there is an extra level of security available when keeping within the Microsoft Stack.

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January 18, 2021
Rodrigo Puelma Gutierrez
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