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Unleashing power of external information in Business central with Power BI

Business central provides tight integration with Power BI that is a leading tool in Analytics and Business intelligence platforms, according to Gartner magic quadrant 2020. This integration opens up enormous opportunities for every single person in a firm whose decisions are based on data.

In a Power BI page part in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, users can see reports and interact with them as they will in the Power BI service. For instance, users can see a powerful sales analytics report in BC home page that provides a comprehensive view of all the important factors that drive sales. Not only that but users can switch the reports easily with fancy built-in controls. This allows us to depict multiple reports in a single interface. The DataChef team are taking advantage of this capability in Business Central by providing external information in a new Business Central solution called MatterX.

Moreover, users can also access the reports that are not necessarily created on Business central data, which is the exciting part. Let’s say, if an inventory manager has visibility over how many items are in stock, product demand (sales data), and data for various distribution centres, he or she can select the best time, quantity and distribution centre to place an order. This way business users can take this capability to the next level by utilising various layers of information. Also, they can create visualisations over various data sources and then interact with them in a single place. Imagine, how powerful is that to steer your business decision making process!

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January 18, 2021
Rodrigo Puelma Gutierrez
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